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Full pack professional packers and movers service is San Francisco's favorite. In case you also want to minimize the stress, increase the levels of safety and efficiency, and stay within your moving budget limits, Mill Valley Movers are at your service. We have one of the best teams of packers and movers near you, and after so many years of working in San Francisco, our drivers are familiar with every corner of our city. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to fulfill any moving task you need us to. Put your trust in Mill Valley Movers and we will do everything we can to show you it was worth it. Call and book, don’t hesitate!

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Fully planned professional moving service

We don’t just provide physical moving help, but full support from the beginning to the end, from planning to executing. Our relocation specialists are first on the line. They will provide all the necessary information and make sure to carefully listen to all you have to say. According to your needs, special requests, and lifestyle, they will come up with the perfect moving plan. They will provide professional moving advice on everything regarding our professional packers and movers service using efficiency and safety as the most important criteria. Because customer satisfaction is our primary goal, we wanted to provide additional support. If new questions or concerns arise during the moving process, customer support is there to assist. We are available 7 days a week and are only a phone call away.

Affordable rates

One more factor that determines the best packers and movers near you, price. Mill Valley Movers believe professional packers and movers services shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so we made sure our rates are reasonable, budget-friendly, and accessible. We are transparent from the beginning to the end. You’ll know what you are paying for and how much from the start. Our rates are all-inclusive and our service is top-notch. Call, book, and see for yourself.

The best packers and movers near you

Packers and movers Mill Valley Movers have are one of the best. They are carefully selected and they all went through special training to be able to provide high-quality moving service. Each team has at least one mover who is equipped with long experience in the moving business, and thus knows many hacks and tricks for easier relocation and faster obstacle overcoming. They will disassemble your large furniture that can’t be safely moved in one piece. Don’t worry about the protection of fragile items because each one will be carefully wrapped, packed in boxes, and securely taped. They know the proper techniques for heavy lifting and carrying bulky furniture, as well as maneuvering through narrow hallways and small elevators. Everything will be loaded and unloaded efficiently and necessary furniture will be assembled again. Packers and movers San Francisco knows and loves will leave only when everything is placed exactly where you want it.

Moving insurance

Next to trained and professional packers and movers stand one more layer of protection. Even though mistakes are quite rare, Mill Valley Movers just don’t want to risk it. In case something does get damaged, or walls scratched, there is no need to stress over it. Moving insurance is there to cover it!

Movers carrying stacked cardboard boxes

Avoid enormous medical bills and damaged valuables

Moving homes or businesses is not an easy task, especially when you don’t do it every day. Packers and movers Mill Valley is served by, are experts. Professional and trained, they know what and how they are doing things, so both you and your things are safe. There will be no painful backs or sprained ankles, and all of your things will arrive untouched. Book Mill Valley Movers and see for yourself.

Save money with Mill Valley Movers

Yes, you can save a few bucks with our professional packers and movers services. Our prices are transparent and one thing we can’t provide are hidden fees. There will be no unpleasant surprises on the moving day that could drastically change the price. No additional charges for heavy items, long carries, or stairs! Wrapping material, tape, and tools are all free of charge but be aware our boxes are not. We charge for our boxes for items used but will gladly use yours too. Save money by choosing the right movers!