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We have been a Mill Valley favorite full-service residential moving company for years. San Francisco is our city, and after so many years of working there, we've gotten to know every corner. This is a significant advantage in our opinion because it ensures greater efficiency and safety. We don't waste time looking for your house, and your belongings aren't damaged as a result of poor road conditions. We know the most efficient route to your home, and our capable and dedicated team will ensure the success of all residential moves. Let us show you how easy moving is with the best full-service residential moving company in San Francisco, Mill Valley Movers.

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Home moves at all-inclusive and budget-friendly rates

People move 12 times on average in their lifetime and imagine the chaos if hiring home and residential movers cost you a fortune. Let’s not even go there. With Mill Valley Movers you can keep both of your kidneys and still move to a new place. We provide our residential moves services at affordable rates while the quality is always at its highest. We are transparent with our prices throughout the whole process. You’ll know how much you are paying and exactly what for, from the beginning.

There will be no hidden fees on the moving day, we guarantee it. We don’t additionally charge for stairs, long carries, heavy items, or extra fragile ones, but we would appreciate it if you tell us beforehand if any of these will appear, so we can come prepared. There will be no unexpected costs that could skyrocket the price!

Trained home and residential movers

Your belongings are in safe hands! Mill Valley Movers have one of the best in-home furniture movers near you and here is why. We invested a lot of time in our team. All of our professional movers went through special training and are familiar with all techniques for handling heavy and large, as well as fragile items. They are careful and dedicated, and will make sure to move you efficiently, stress-free, and safely. Our in-home movers will disassemble and later assemble your furniture, depending on the volume of service, wrap and carefully pack your items, and transport everything to your new place in no time.

Mill Valley Movers will take care of planning too

We don’t just randomly come to your place and start packing, and we certainly don’t leave everything for you to plan out. Our relocation specialists are there to guide you through the entire process. They will provide all the necessary info regarding our services and prices and answer all your questions. They have the knowledge and experience in the moving business to provide expert help and to ensure your residential moves go flawlessly. We plan everything according to your needs, and deliver our service efficiently and, as always, according to all your requests.

Moving insurance included

Our home and residential movers are experts in the safe handling of your belongings, but they do not have superpowers. There is always the possibility of error, no matter how minor. Mill Valley Movers will not take any chances! Moving insurance is available as an additional layer of protection. If something does go wrong, insurance will cover it.

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Across the city or across the hallway…

…it doesn’t matter. Our full-service residential moving company can offer much more than you might think. Our in-home movers can rearrange your furniture, help you sell your place faster by setting it up for open-house day or provide any different type of help. All you need to do is ask and we will do our best to find a solution. Do not hesitate to call!