5 Reasons To Move To Mill Valley

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Mill Valley is in southern Marin County, about 10 miles from San Francisco. Jane Manning, a real estate agent who has been selling homes in the area for more than thirty years, said “ People are not living large. They are living here because they want to be here.”

The History

Mill Valley was named by John Thomas Reed, one of the region’s first European settlers and built a sawmill in the 1830s, where now stands the Old Mill Park. A train station that opened shortly after that has helped turn this area to a popular summer resort. Visitors would travel up Mount Tamalpais for hiking, returning downhill in cars propelled by gravity.

Public transportation

Public transit is way less stressful. There are cocktails on the ferry between Marin and San Francisco. The seats are larger, the rides are more comfortable and less crowded than other SF lines. You can always get to other cities in the area by bus or train, but ferry is very popular among younger and adults. It is not expensive as well and the estimated time of arrival is almost the same as by bus.

The Vibe

The environment is very easygoing and there are a lot of activities that you can enjoy as a family or simply as a member of this community. It is very interesting that many parents in their 30s are actually considered as very young parents and are going to be the young parents at the preschool Halloween parade.

The Schools

There are five public elementary schools, including Old Mill Elementary School, which has about 320 students, kindergarten to fifth grade. This school has met the standards in English with 82 percent, while other schools statewide had the result of 49 percent, and math by 83 versus 37 percent. It provides their students amazing programs after school and has many little geniuses to offer.

Besides, there are four amazing schools in the area that shape the future of our children with great success. Their results are known statewide. If you are looking for a neighborhood that will be great for your children, then Mill Valley is the best place to be. You won’t be disappointed by the schools program that involves parents as well in their children’s education.

Amazing homes on sale

Mill Valley has many real estate options to offer for families or young adults. Most of the homes are undistinguished mid century bungalows and Victorian or early-20th-century houses and are typically 1.200 to 1.500 square feet with a few exceeding 5.000 square feet. The good news for everyone who decides to move here is that efforts are being made to refine policies for creating and renting out accessory units, assisting both the people who have more houses than they need and those looking for reasonably priced accommodations.

So, if you would like to move to this amazing San Francisco city, you need an efficient and reliable mover to help you with your whole relocation process. Whether you are looking to move your home or office, Mill Valley local moving company can assist you with every type of move you are planning.

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