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The time has come, you have to relocate. Don’t panic, we all have been through that, and yes, it is possible to have a stress-free move. The only thing you have to do is go through the list of advice by professional movers to come up with the best plan that will ensure your relocation is done smoothly. One of those things is to learn a little bit of something about the phrases that local movers are using. Not that we believe that your furniture movers will try to trick you, but it will make the conversation much easier if you at least touch the bases of your upcoming relocation. That is why we have prepared the dictionary that will make your agreement with professional movers as simple as possible. The goal we had is to come up with something interesting for every letter of the alphabet, to keep things interesting. Also, this might help you if you are a passionate Scrabble player, you can be sure you will earn some extra points! Ready or not, we are getting started! 

  1. Apartment moving

This might seem weird for anyone but the professional movers, but there is a difference between moving an apartment vs moving the house. Yes, they are both residential places, but your local movers will have to prepare differently. Firstly, the obvious obstacles professional movers will have to overcome are stairs, elevators, and building management. If there are multiple flights of stairs your professional movers will need more time to relocate all of your belongings, so you shouldn’t be panicking if that happens. If there are elevators, you will have to check the restrictions. And the most important part – you will have to coordinate the whole relocation between your professional movers and building management. 

  1. Blankets for protection

Hiring professional movers comes with many benefits, and some of them are that they will bring all the equipment needed to protect your belongings along the way. Most of the local movers bring blankets that are free to use during the move, and those are the best protection for your furniture. Used together with plastic wrap, you will have peace of mind during the whole process. 

  1. Certificate of insurance

Another thing that is tied with apartment moving and building management – a certificate of insurance. Professional movers can provide this document free of charge, and this way they will prove to your building management that they are insured and ready to cover any damages on the building property. 

 Confirmation email 

A document that you certainly must read! When you schedule professional movers, they will instantly send you a confirmation email. This document contains all the details that you have agreed on during the phone call. Always check if they caught your addresses and personal information correctly. Don’t forget to check the price, professional movers will never try to change the price, but it can happen by accident, and it is easier for you to prevent it by reading the confirmation email once you get it. The same goes for the agreement that your local movers will bring on your moving day.

  1. Disassembly & assembly 

A part of a standard service that local movers are always offering – disassembly and reassembly. To make the furniture easier to handle, your professional movers will have all tools needed to handle your furniture. By disassembling the furniture your local movers will be sure that all of your furniture can fit inside the moving truck. 

Double drive time fee

Many affordable movers are offering cheaper rates because they are charging the double drive time fee on top of their price. And that is completely fine because that fee is regulated in some states, such as California. However, your professional movers should always explain any additional charges that are not included in the price. 

  1. Elevator restrictions

Whenever you are moving from or to a place that has an elevator, you will have to check if there are any elevator restrictions. When you hear elevator restriction, it might seem scary, but it means that you should reserve the elevator for your professional movers to use it freely. This is simple, you just have to consult your building management and get the instructions on the free slots. After you learn that, make sure to coordinate the arrival window for your professional movers.

  1. Fuel Fee

Some local movers are charging fuel fees or service fees, or any sort of additional fees that are not included in the price that you were offered. If your professional movers don’t mention anything over the phone, make sure to ask them. Better safe than sorry. Oh, and don’t forget to read the confirmation email, all the details are hidden there. After you read everything that is in there, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises. And anything that is not written there – cannot be charged by professional movers.

  1. Guaranteed price

There is a simple rule – once you get a quote from professional movers, the price is guaranteed for at least a day or two. You will have some time to think about the offer and still get the price you were offered at first. After that, the price might change based on the availability that local movers have for a certain day that you are seeking. Usually, that change includes professional movers being more expensive, so make sure to have a certain plan in mind when calling the local movers. 

  1. Hidden charges

Something unacceptable by professional movers. You should never be tricked into scheduling local movers and not knowing everything about their services and prices. Many local movers are not licensed or insured, so you need to be careful whenever you are seeking the service.


If you ask your professional movers, they would rather avoid hoisting, but if necessary – they will probably be able to help you if you are not living on the 7th floor. The general rule is that local movers can hoist lighter furniture pieces when they are on the first or second floor. Any other situation is just too risky and professional movers will rather say no than jeopardize your belongings or anyone’s safety. 

  1. Insurance

Professional movers usually come with moving insurance included in the price. The insurance local movers are offering is usually the basic coverage insurance, and if you think that is not enough for the value you hold any professional movers will be fine with the fact that you want to purchase the additional insurance. However, furniture movers are not allowed to sell you any kind of insurance, so you will have to do it on a different side. 

  1. Jeopardizing your items

Another thing that professional movers will try to avoid at any cost! Serious local movers will go above and beyond to secure your items during the moving process, and they will work hard along the way. If you have a service like this, make sure to memorize the professional movers you had, so you can ask them to help you in the future if needed. 

  1. Kind customer service

This is not crucial of course, but when you have to put all of your life in the hands of professional movers, you would want to have kind customer service by your side. These are the people who will be your main point of contact for any question or concern you might have, and you would prefer them to be nice. Also, in case there are some damages caused by professional movers, you will have to communicate with customer support to find a solution for yourself. That is why they need to be helpful. 

  1. Labor moving

Any moving service where you hire professional movers and you are not using their moving truck – that is a labor job. It is a good idea to hire furniture movers to help you with heavy lifting because you will be able to avoid any damages or injuries. And also, professional movers will help you with the organization as well. 

Local moving

This one should be at the beginning, but we couldn’t put it there for an obvious reason. But the main difference between the local moving and long-distance relocation is the distance, but the complexity too. It doesn’t mean that local movers have less to do, it is just very different. 

  1. Minimum hours

Professional movers always have the minimum hours to charge for the service that they are performing. Think about it this way – no matter if you are moving only one item or you have a full house of furniture, there will be the same number of minimum hours. This way, local movers will provide the same level of quality to all of the clients, and they will be able to cover their expenses. Just imagine, professional movers have their warehouse somewhere, and they will have to spend a certain amount of means to get to your location and to go back. They also have some equipment included.

  1. Narrow streets

Something that you have to mention to your professional movers! Knowing this in advance will help your local movers decide what size of truck they should drive for your move. And you don’t want them to come with a truck that is too big, because in that case they will have to walk a long way to move every piece of furniture, and your move will end up more expensive than it should be. 

  1. Office moving 

Office moving or commercial moving is something that you should leave to professional movers. This type of service includes a lot of organization and planning, and you will be able to find affordable movers that will fit your budget. Trust us, it will be a no-stress move if you hire professional movers.

  1. Plastic wrap

This piece of equipment is mentioned when we talked about moving blankets, but again – professional movers are using them together to keep your items safe and sound during the relocation. 

  1. Quote for an upcoming move

Before hiring professional movers that can meet all of your needs and expectations, you will have to get a decent number of moving quotes. These are provided over the phone and that is the point of planning where your local movers will explain everything they can help you out with. 

  1. Residential moving

The most usual and often service professional movers are offering is residential moving. It includes moving from or to a home, and it is probably the service that you need help with. No worries, most of the local movers are real experts when it comes to this type of service.

  1. Storage relocation 

Professional movers can help you move your furniture in or out of a storage unit. These are a bit different than the actual relocation of the household. So make sure to ask your local movers what is their plan to help you with this.

  1. Timeline for the move

A good plan includes a good timeline! Professional movers can help you with this, but it is up to you to make a final decision on this. Make sure to follow it as much as possible, and not to stress out if something is not perfectly planned. 

  1. Unpacking

One of the annoying tasks that professional movers cannot do for you is unpacking. We don’t mean that you don’t know what unpacking is, but we want to offer advice – make a plan for unpacking and set a deadline. If you don’t do that, it will last forever! We know, no one likes it, but still… It is something that needs to be done. 

  1. Vast experience

Professional movers you are hiring should be experienced. No need to elaborate on this further. 

  1. Wardrobe boxes

These are used by professional movers to move your hanging clothes most efficiently. Usually, they are free of charge, because your local moves are going to take them back after the move is done. Wardrobe boxes are rented by local movers during the move. Each can fit around 20 hangers, and there is a limit of these boxes that professional movers can bring because they are taking a lot of space. 

  1. Xperience when it comes to moving

When it comes to hiring professional movers, you truly want them to be experienced. Most of the local movers have on their websites the number of years they are in business. The more the better, but you can already guess this. 

  1. Yelp

A website to consult before hiring professional movers. And no, you shouldn’t stop at Yelp, you should read the reviews on Google and websites of the local movers that you want to use. This way, you will be sure that the people who are coming to your home to help you relocate are professional movers. A good research of your furniture movers will ensure that your items are going to arrive safely at your new home. 

  1. Zillow

A website where you can sell, buy or rent any property. Before hiring professional movers, you should always check this website to find a perfect home for you and your family. 

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